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Program Overview

Toddlers (18 months - 36 months)

Our full day Toddler Program is a warm and gentle introduction to the world of learning. Our program is play based and utilizes biweekly themes. Daily activities include music, reading, large motor (muscle) activities, outdoor play, crafts and self-help activities. Our focus is on socialization, turn taking, sharing, relationships with others and manners. We are working on enhancing the development of young children's attention span and memory skills. We will also be working on potty training. Most of all, we offer lots of TLC for out littlest friends!



3 Year Olds

Our three year old program provides a nurturing environment for children; for many this is a first time school experience. The threes are active, enthusiastic learners who enjoy being independent. We foster this independence which builds their self confidence. Our daily schedule includes circle time, stories, songs, calendar time, the weather, jobs for the day, free play, art, math and science activities as well as two outdoor activity periods. Our curriculum is child centered and organized by themes. We focus on colors, shapes, numbers, name recognition, an introduction to letters, listening and following directions and social skills. This curriculum is age- appropriate and meets the developmental needs of the children by providing opportunities for social, emotional, language, perceptual, fine and large motor (muscle) activities. These experiences provide the children the skills necessary to be successful in pre-K.


4 Year Olds

The Pre-Kindergarten Program at Niskayuna Community Daycare is a Kindergarten readiness program. We focus on preparing a four year old child for the transition that they will experience into Kindergarten the following year. The children will learn through play during their daily free play times and also while experiencing large motor time outside on our playground or downstairs in our large motor space! The curriculum that the children are taught is teacher created and child centered. Children will review basic themes like shapes, colors and numbers 1-10 throughout the year and gain knowledge about more advanced topics like numbers 11-20 and the alphabet including the sounds of each letter, visually recognizing uppercase and lowercase letters, and vocabulary words starting with other letters of the alphabet. Children will also focus on their handwriting and fine motor skills (cutting, coloring, etc.) through daily art projects and activities. Children will improve their self-help skills in preparation for Kindergarten through a structured daily routine where they will need to complete things like making their nap cots, washing their hands with soap and taking care of their own personal items. There are many fun events that happen throughout the children’s four year old year; for example: field trips, seasonal parties, Mother’s and Father’s day breakfasts and a special End of the Year show and graduation. What an exciting time for your child!



After School

Our after school age children arrive off the bus following a full day of school.  A staff member will always meet the bus.  After the children have arrived attendance is taken. We will call the school if a child has not arrived. If necessary we will call the parent as well.  Our after school children are grouped by age and grade in individual classrooms with their own teachers and support staff.  Activities include age specific experiences such as games, outdoor play, and crafts.  We use the tennis courts and fields for outdoor activities.  Each day a period of time is also scheduled for homework. Our teachers provide help with homework as needed.