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Getting Started

Choosing quality child care is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your child. Safe and positive child care experiences will help directly lead to healthy social and academic growth and development. Here is a list of six tips when looking for child care:

  1. Visit the child care program while it is open and children are awake.
  2. Take the time to talk to the caregiver and ask questions. Look around the program to see how things are handled.
  3. Make sure the child care program:
    • Has enough caregivers for the number of children. Check NYS regulation for child/caregiver ratios.
    • Takes steps to prevent accidents and has a plan to handle fire or medical emergencies.
    • Knows how to help children stay healthy and teaches them healthy eating habits.
    • Plans a balance of indoor and outdoor play that is active and quiet.
  4. A good relationship between the children and caregiver is important. The caregiver should:
    • Enjoy talking to and playing with the children.
    • Have experience, education and/or training in caring for children.
  5. Consider the cost, location and hours the child care is open. 
  6. Talk to other parents who use the caregiver and keep looking until you are satisfied with your choice.

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